Portrait: Minna Schrag for Columbia Law School

September 24, 2013

Hot off the press, it’s the latest issue of Columbia Law School Magazine featuring my portrait of alumna Minna Schrag. She’s had a pretty incredible career, including time spent as a senior trial attorney for the International Criminal Tribunal and as chair of the board of NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund.

When I spoke with Minna to set up a time and place to shoot, she suggested using her bookcase at home as a backdrop. I politely dismissed that idea and if you do a Google Image Search for the phrase “lawyer portrait,” you’ll understand why.

Instead, we found some nice natural light elsewhere in her building that I supplemented lightly. And for some alternate options, we shot nearby at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. I liked the large concrete bricks as a symbol of her personal strength.

Here are some outtakes: