A Couple Interviews With Me

January 10, 2012

1) I mentioned this over on my other blog but forgot to mention it here. Professional Entertainer Luke Burrage interviewed me for his podcast called Luke’s Creative Podcast. It’s a series of conversations with people Luke thinks exemplify creative thinking. Other people in the 10-episode series include jugglers, musicians, and a comic book artist.

It’s a very extensive interview, and goes in depth into all my various projects, past and present. It’s long and hopefully not too boring. If I had Superfans, they’d love this. My mom did.

The whole podcast series is also available to download free from iTunes.

2) Colleen Wainwright, aka The Communicatrix interviewed me for a lecture she gave at the ASMP’s Strictly Business seminar last year. I’m flattered and complimented that she spent several minutes of her talk on me and my projects. Now she’s taking her lecture on the road and will be presenting it in New York next month. Tickets and more info are available at the ASMP website, along with a schedule of when she’s coming to other cities.