Blog Update and Photoshop's 20th Birthday

February 22, 2010

I hate to make one of those blog posts that explains why it’s been a while since there have been any new posts. But rest assured I haven’t abandoned this blog. I had a busy start to the year, doing some shoots for a corporate client. Meanwhile, my inventor portrait project is still going strong. I’m up to 27 inventors so far, and I’ll be posting more of them soon. I’ve photographed several entrepreneurs who you’ve never heard of, and a few people whose inventions you’ve definitely used before (and may even be using right now). So keep an eye out for updates on that front.

In the meantime, I thought I’d say Happy Birthday to Adobe Photoshop, which turned 20 years old last week, by posting the first image I ever digitally altered. If I remember correctly, this was from back in 1994, with Photoshop version 2.5:

I used to walk past this statue nearly every day in college, and I was impressed by how lifelike its face was in every detail except for the eyes. So I brought my friend Nick with me one day while I photographed the statue, and then photographed Nick in the same light. I made prints in the darkroom and then scanned the prints. Using Photoshop 2.5, I digitally put Nick’s eyes in the statue. It almost makes the statue look like real a person wearing makeup.

Okay, so it’s pretty rudimentary. But I was young, and enjoyed playing with the new technology.

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I think Photoshop should use this as the cover of their box, it just about sums it up. Great post.