Inventor Portrait: Art Fry

April 27, 2009

Part of a continuing series of inventor portraits.

Inventor: Art Fry
Invention: Repositionable stationery
Brand Name: Post-it Notes

As told on Post-it manufacturer 3M’s website, “The idea for repositionable notes struck Fry while singing in the church choir. His bookmark kept falling out of his hymnal, causing him to lose his page. So… Fry used a portion of his working hours to develop a solution to his problem. Now the world is singing the praises of his pet project: Post-it Notes.”

Post-it Inventor Art Fry

Post-it Inventor Art Fry

You can read the whole story of Post-it history at


Are those Post-its on the wall behind him? I love it!

love the post-it-notes....nice potrait.good job