Inventor Portrait: Clint Fruitman

March 10, 2009

Part of a continuing series of inventor portraits.

Inventor: Clint Fruitman
Invention: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator With Hot Or Cold Thermal Application
Patent: Application No. 11/025,615
Brand Name: The Painaway Pro

Clint Fruitman is a materials scientist and biomedical engineer who holds 15 patents from his years working in the plastics, semiconductor, jewelry, and pharmaceutical industries. All of this experience has come together in his latest invention, which makes it easy to administer the pain therapy technique called Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (more info about TENS at Wikipedia) and hot or cold therapy at the same time.

I’m trying something new with my inventor portraits. I’ve begun shooting video of the inventors I photograph and putting together a short film about each person. This is the first video in the series.

Being the first video of this type that I’ve ever done, I realized while editing what other important shots I should have gotten, questions I should have asked, microphone I should have used, etc. But I suspect that will always be the case to some extent. I have some really interesting inventors coming up for this project, and I think the videos are going to be a great new component.

Here’s a better look at the photos (click any one to enlarge):

Clint Fruitman

Clint Fruitman

Clint Fruitman

Clint Fruitman



Thanks for this short piece on Clint Fruitman.
I enjoyed seeing how he developed his invention.

Very informative! I'm going to send this on to friends!

Cool!!! I think that's really neat!

This was a fascinating clip on how this product came into being. More information on how it works and for what conditions, along with information any testing and test results, would be of interest. Putting this video on YouTube with a tag of pain relief or some other appropriate descriptor, might garner a broader audience and interest.

I know Clint and I found the photos very telling. You captured him perfectly!

Hello Clint:

I have a simple question to ask. Please contact me or my wife Ronnie at: (949) 4815025. Thank you. We will only need 1 minutes of your time for the question.

Jack and Ronnie Singer

i have an invention idea and i would really like to talk to clint fruitman for info on how to go about having my product patented. i am scared to just go with any company because there are so many scam artist out there. i really need help on how to get started and who is trustworthy to help me. thanks

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