Inventor Portrait: Chris Garvey

October 22, 2008

Part of a continuing series of inventor portraits.

Inventor: Chris Garvey
Invention: Temperature Responsive Roof Vent
Patent: No. 7,127,855

Chris Garvey isn’t just an inventor. He’s also a patent attorney, so he’s endured the process that he takes his clients through. He invented a skylight that uses a mechanical system to open and close itself in response to changes in temperature, letting in fresh air. Look carefully at these photos and you’ll see that the prototype, currently installed in his home, is made partly out of a shower door:


Chris is also a pretty hard core libertarian, and was the libertarian candidate on the ballot for Governor of New York (in 1998) and also Attorney General (2006). He didn’t win, but he’s still hard at work, if the mountains of papers in his home office are any indicator:

One more photo of Chris in his office, plus one in his attic, beneath the skylight:


Chris’ website: Collard & Roe, PC