October 28, 2008

Last year, I set up a temporary photo studio in my building’s lobby and photographed kids who came to the building trick-or-treating. Afterwords I posted some of the pictures on my other blog Ironic Sans. This year, I’ve just taken all those photos plus a few never before seen and created a new Halloween Gallery in my on-line portfolio.

The photo of “Superman” below was chosen for this year’s American Photography 24 annual, which comes out next month.

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Wow, this is just incredible. I've been following your blog for awhile and just love love love your portraits. These Halloween shots are just brilliant. Such a fun idea!

I highlighted this and you on my blog today too. I hope that's alright. Please let me know! You can find the post here: http://www.daftcrafts.com/arts/why-didnt-i-think-of-that-awesome-costume-photos.html