Inventor Portraits: Introduction

June 9, 2008

[Kicking off an ongoing series of inventor portraits]

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. I’m interested in the rest of the family.

Readers of my other blog, Ironic Sans, know that I’m fascinated by ideas. In fact, I started Ironic Sans largely as a place for me to share the ideas I knew I would never act on because they’re either too expensive, too difficult, or too ridiculous.*

Of course, everybody gets good ideas, but not everybody writes them down before they’re forgotten. And fewer still actually take their ideas to the next level. With this photo series, I’m exploring who those people are. Who are the inventors who get an idea and actually take out a patent, or find a manufacturer?

I’m interested in low budget inventors who build things in their basements, and professional inventors who churn out patent after patent. Some inventions are silly. Others may change the world. I’ve brought my project to various inventors groups in search of subjects to photograph, and met a lot of interesting people with big ideas. In this photos series, I’ll showcase as many inventors as I can, and perhaps discover something about inspiration in the process. I’m also enamored by patent illustrations, so whenever possible I will include them as well.

*One of my most popular posts on about inventions on Ironic Sans was this list of celebrity patents. Who knew?!

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