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There are so many "About Me page" cliches that it's tough deciding which to use. As you can see, I've decided against the "faded photo of me as a kid with my first camera" cliche in favor of the "half-smiling self portrait." Of course, if there's one cliche that everybody loves, it's a list, so here is my contribution to the genre:

• I live in New York City.
• I was Ralph Lauren's staff photographer for several years.
• I've also shot for CBS, Johns Hopkins, and others.
• I once photographed Neil Armstrong's space suit.
• When nobody was looking, I tried it on.
• My photos are often funny, but I'm serious about my work.
• I highly recommend the Khao Pad Sabparo at Lime Leaf.
• A photo editor once called my photos "weird."
• I don't think they're that weird.
• I write a blog about my photos called DFP:BLOG.
• I have another, more offbeat blog called Ironic Sans.
• (It's not very personal. You can feel free to look.)

Please contact me to ask about anything I left out.